Wednesday, November 9, 2011

8 - The Lighthouse Mystery

Ah, for our first solo cover, we get Henry, who has toned down his recent stellar wardrobe choices in favor of a Gorton's Fisherman jacket. It does seem to be plaid-lined, but we've seen what the boy can do with a plaid, and this doesn't hold up. As far as the cover, it leaves me cold. It's clearly supposed to create an air of danger, but he's like two feet from shore, he's well-armed with his exploding flashlight, and he's far enough from the lighthouse that the mystery may not even have anything to do with it. It's the lighthouse-adjacent mystery. Compare this to a cover from further down the same shelf.

BAM. Choppy water, jagged rocks, oil lamp - That's a lighthouse mystery I could get into. Sure, there's no lighthouse on the cover, but it's easy to imagine she's on her way to light it, to save a ship from said rocks. Actually, that might even be what this is about.Even if not, this is still the superior lighthouse mystery by a long shot. That is not my hand, by the way.

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