Monday, November 21, 2011

17 - Mystery Behind the Wall

You may think the child on the cover is attempting to uncover the Mystery Behind the Wall, but I'm inclined to believe that the solution to the mystery is "Some kid was sawing up the walls." Now, I don't know who the kid is, but I don't believe is a Boxcar Child. Their physical appearances aren't super-consistent, but he appears to be not so young as Benny* nor so old as Henry, and besides, Violet seems to be avoiding him. (Though she may be just overly cautious today, dressed as she is for a flood.) I do wish that they had chosen to vary his appearance a bit, though. Maybe make him a redhead, or perhaps even a minority. HA! No, I'm just kidding, the odds of that happening in this series are pretty damn low.

*Just wait two days for that.

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