Tuesday, November 22, 2011

18 - Bus Station Mystery

That there may be some business at the Bus Station called "Frank's Place", I can accept. It's an odd name for anything that's not a bar, or perhaps a restaurant, which you're unlikely to find at a bus station, but perhaps a vendor of light refreshment and notions and sundries has given their shop a rather publican name for reasons known only to Frank. But a closer look at the sign reveals that it says "FRANK'S PLACE BUS STATION", which seems to imply that the town itself is called "Frank's Place", which while an odd name for a convenience store, is a flat out weird name for a town. This is, no doubt, what attracted the Boxcars, who are abnormally hard up for diamond smugglers, and have resorted to classifying inclement weather as "mysterious". Also, Henry has transformed into Corey Feldman.

Right? It's not just me seeing that?

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