Wednesday, November 30, 2011

20 - The Haunted Cabin Mystery b/w 21 - The Deserted Library Mystery featuring DJ 22 The Animal Shelter Mystery

Oh snap! When I was setting up the dates for this week's updates, I accidentally put in next week instead. All fixed now. Here's three books.

As the ghostwriters take over, we can see that they're making some major changes. For one thing, the Aldens have started dressing sensibly, and are passing harsh judgment on Violet for not complying. Or maybe she's pointed out that the Cabin is not Haunted, and what they had mistaken for a ghost was only a rooster painted on the roof. Or maybe she's been really smug the whole way up about how much less she's packed and they're sick of it. Whatever it is, lines have clearly been drawn.

In this one, Henry's really into the whole "dressing sensibly" thing, and has decided to take his siblings to the local library, to look up more information on fashion and to teach them how to have matching shirts and shoes. But they find the Library to be Deserted, and far more aggressively than that Schoolhouse was Abandoned. In fact, forget deserted, this place was freaking pillaged. The children's reactions are quite diverse. Henry is shocked that someone would destroy Where's Waldo? so callously. Jessie is shocked that half her hair has fallen off, not realizing that it's behind her back. Benny is impatient, as he has to go star in a 1950s Japanese monster movie. And Violet is bending over with her hands on her knees, which shows up on these covers almost as much as pointing.

SIDE NOTE: I have no clue why the pictures I have to find online post bigger than the ones I take at the store. Just one of those things.

Speaking of which, this is the best point I've seen in a while. Benny has the same dead-eyed shock that we saw in the Tree House Mystery. I can only assume he's taking the sign at its hastily-Sharpied word. "That means ME? But how could they know I'd be here?" And all Violet can do is give him a reassuring hug, and wonder if maybe they should get him tested. Hey, I just noticed Benny's wearing the same blue sneakers this book as he was last book. And they match about as well.

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  1. i thought their grandpa was rich?! Benny has to wear the same shoes TWICE??? faux pas!
    as far as the haunted cabin mystery, i think they're all just jealous that violet went on a hawaiian vacation without the rest of them. she must've traveled by boxcar.