Wednesday, November 16, 2011

14 - Tree House Mystery

Is this tree house in their own yard? Because they have a perfectly good boxcar over there that they never seem to do anything with. Of course, that would mean that whatever Benny's looking at would be in the house, and I'm not sure what kind of at-home mystery could give Benny this kind of face.

Look at that. He's been traumatized into a coma. I want to make some kind of joke here about how he saw Grandpa's secret basement family, or Henry and Jessie going all Flowers in the Attic on one another, but those jokes don't sit well with the Boxcar Children. No, I think we can just assume that they're visiting one of their Grandfather's innumerable friends and relations, and Benny, who is really easily shocked anyway, saw some, I don't know, diamond smugglers or something.

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