Friday, November 11, 2011

10 - Schoolhouse Mystery

Don't sell yourself short, book! That's more than one Schoolhouse Mystery I see in there! Let's see...

1 - The man Mysteriously sneaking out of the Schoolhouse is clearly Cable ACE award winning actor Denis Leary.

2 - The cover artist has elected to depict the definition of Denis Leary's ass cheeks in loving detail.

3 - If you look past Denis Leary's lavishly rendered ass, you will note that the Schoolhouse appears to be built in the middle of a swamp.

4 - While the cobwebs show that the Schoolhouse is abandoned, possibly because it is in the middle of a swamp, no one has removed any of the books.

5 - The bookshelf Benny is hiding behind is not in anything remotely resembling a sensible position.

6 - Despite being only six years old and not over-intelligent, Benny is on the avant-garde of fashion, getting into the Referee Pants Craze of 1993 a whole two years early.

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