Wednesday, February 29, 2012

38 - Mystery of the Purple Pool

I should really go back to taking my own photos at the store. You're missing out on a lot at this resolution. To wit:

1 - The box Jessie is looking at is labeled "PURPLE DYE". I assume her puzzlement will be replaced with realization when she turns it over.

2 - Benny is not, as you might assume, pointing. He is holding up some of the water to show Jessie. You can see it splattered on the ground. I swear, I don't know how this kid manages to dress himself. Wait, that actually explains a lot.

3 - For a reason on which I extremely do not want to speculate, the artist has drawn Jessie with incredibly veiny legs. I mean, like 90-year-old lady veiny. You can see it a little on her calves there. Why would someone do that?!

4 - Do they ever stay at a hotel that someone's not trying to destroy by doing stupid things to the pool?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

37 - The Mystery of the Lost Village

Oh, man, it's the Mountaintop all over again. I mean, I understand that the need to excavate an ancient civilization to discover the secret origins of the pattern on Jessie's shirt, but dress appropriately! Henry's got it, but the rest of you need to shape up. There's no shortage of hideous lime green boots and pith helmets you could be wearing. Okay, there's not a lot of those, but if anyone could find them, it's you guys.

36 - The Castle Mystery

Oh come on, Henry, you have to turn back. Even your shirt agrees with me. Actually, everyone's clothing choice seems to be indicating a desire to go back today. Though in the girls' case, it's more a matter of wanting to go back in time. And Benny? Well, he's just begging to be pushed down the stairs.