Wednesday, May 30, 2012

43 - The Backstage Mystery

Well, I think we know why Henry and Violet were off yesterday having the worst adventure ever. They were jealous of Jessie and Benny, who are getting to have a sweet adventure in the world of legitimate theater. As no stranger to the stage myself, I can verify that this cover is completely accurate, for the following reasons:

1 - Costumes are always hung up on a coat rack backstage, and always in one fully assembled piece so anyone who wanders by can tell what show they're doing.

2 - Jessie is wearing her actor's overalls, whilst the younger Benny only gets the somersaulting penguin sweater of the novice stagehand.

3 - The Wizard of Oz is not overdone at all, you guys.

4 - Flashlights always project bold and clear shadows moving toward the source of light.

I was just kidding on that last one, of course. The flashlight is basically unnecessary. But it was either that or more pointing, I guess.

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