Thursday, June 14, 2012

No Flying in the House

Look, editors or whoever lays out these covers, sometimes the title will give you a clue which illustration to put on it. For example, a book called "No Flying in the House" should have someone flying on the cover. Presumably in the house. And if you could throw a consternated authority figure on there, too, that'd be great. This, however, is more a cover for a book called "Oh Snap, a Tiny Dog on my Chair, How Delightful". Or possibly "There Is a Normal Sized Dog on My Giant Chair and I Am Also a Giant".

When looking up this cover online (I saw it in a classroom, but didn't have my camera on me), I caught a bit of a plot description that mentioned the girl can kiss her elbow. This drove me crazy, because I instantly realized that I have read this book, but that is the only part I can remember. I still don't know what her deal is, or if she flies, or if anyone flies, or what's the deal with the dog. But I remember the scene where everyone thinks it's cool that she can kiss her elbow, so I should know that other stuff and it's driving me bonkers.

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