Tuesday, June 12, 2012

46 - The Chocolate Sundae Mystery

As the Aldens enjoy a nice snack in an ice parlor that was decorated by the same person who makes their clothes, the first thing I notice is that if they are up against a wall, Henry is sitting at an impossible angle, as his butt is clearly off the seat. If it's not a wall, it's some blank, featureless void. Maybe they're in some manner of quantum creamery. That would explain why Henry's cone is defying gravity, why Violet is eating what appears to be an entire cauliflower, and why Benny is wearing the sandals of an old man to accompany (yet again) his Japanese monster movie pants. Also, remember how I told you Benny's big character trait is that he likes food? I wasn't kidding, look at the size of that thing.

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  1. i think i remember this one, hurrah! i couldn't tell you the plot either, but can the mystery be that violet eats vegetables at the old ice cream parlor?