Sunday, January 22, 2012

32 - Mystery in the Snow

Oh, man, it's bad enough computer issues take me away from here for so long, when I get back all they give me is this. It's like someone took The Snowbound Mystery and replaced the suspense with whimsy. And despite what children's winter fashions from 1993 usually look like, these aren't even worth mocking. So instead, I'd like to discuss the song "Winter Wonderland". When you were a kid, and you built a snowman, was is just for the art? Or did you pretend it was a real person, like the freaks in that song? I think it's so strange that they pretended their icy, mute creation was a real person. Especially a clergyman who asks intrusive and personal questions, or a frozen and unmoving circus clown. Geez, that sounds terrifying.

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