Wednesday, February 29, 2012

38 - Mystery of the Purple Pool

I should really go back to taking my own photos at the store. You're missing out on a lot at this resolution. To wit:

1 - The box Jessie is looking at is labeled "PURPLE DYE". I assume her puzzlement will be replaced with realization when she turns it over.

2 - Benny is not, as you might assume, pointing. He is holding up some of the water to show Jessie. You can see it splattered on the ground. I swear, I don't know how this kid manages to dress himself. Wait, that actually explains a lot.

3 - For a reason on which I extremely do not want to speculate, the artist has drawn Jessie with incredibly veiny legs. I mean, like 90-year-old lady veiny. You can see it a little on her calves there. Why would someone do that?!

4 - Do they ever stay at a hotel that someone's not trying to destroy by doing stupid things to the pool?

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